Semantic Technology - What's it all about

Turning Information into Knowledge

"Semantic technologies" broadly describes an emerging information technology that enables computers to access and interpret the meaning of content.

In the view of the increasing information flood and the fact that over 80% of the relevant corporate information exists only in loose documents (Word files, PDF, HTML, e-mail etc.) and not in structured database formats, the ability of a software to recognize and categorize thematic content becomes increasingly important.
This is where the patented semantic technology behind InfoCodex comes in.

InfoCodex Semantic Technologies

InfoCodex is a comprehensive software suite that implements various semantic concepts allowing to understand the thematic content of documents. All InfoCodex' functionalities are truly cross-lingual and support a large range of different document sources and formats.

Using its content recognition engine and well-defined similarity measure, InfoCodex automatically categorizes large sets of documents, can identify documents of similar content (even if the majority of expressions differ), can generate abstracts, and offers true cross-lingual semantic and similarity search. In addition, InfoCodex offers a series of advanced viewing features, for example for recognizing significant shifts of thematic content in a document collection.

The semantic engine
Distributed Sources
Cross-lingual text analysis
Content recognition and categorization
Content similarity
Semantic and similarity search
Abstracts Generation
Advanced visualization
Privacy and security
Semantic Web
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