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Summarization strategy of InfoCodex

  1. The entire document is divided by an AI supported partitioning into plausible subsections, which are entitled by a bold subheading.
  2. Each subsection is summarized using the patented similarity measure of InfoCodex: the most relevant sentences are extracted in the order of their appearence, comparable to the headlines in the daily news.
  3. Finally, the overall summary is created by combining the subsection summaries and their relevant keywords ("tags" dispayed in blue color) into a single document .
Original document(example)

What are the outstanding features (USPs) of InfoCodex' summarizer

    General advantages of the AI-based semantic InfoCodex tool
  1. Unlike its competitors, the InfoCodex summarizer understands the content without any training and can recognize the relevant parts (essential for making useful summaries). It is immediately applicable to new situations with good quality.
  2. It has a low bias compared to other products (low distortion, no false conclusions).
  3. It makes a cross-lingual analysis.

  4. Specific advantages of the InfoCodex summarizer
  5. Long documents (up to 500 pages) are automatically divided into sections with a subtitle.
  6. The core sentences of each subsection are identified using the patented similarity measure; the most relevant ones are extracted, comparable to the headlines in the daily news.
  7. The relevant keywords per subsection are displayed: "tagging" per subsection.
  8. The outline of the document set by the author is maintained.

Benefits of InfoCodex' summarizer

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