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What data sources does InfoCodex support?

Open internet (Web sites, results of Internet search engines), hidden Internet (with special scripts for site-specific search engines), intranet, file servers in the companies' network, mailboxes (Outlook including PST archives, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes), user PCs/laptops, MS SharePoint portal, databases, and CMS systems (with a tailored interface).

Please note that all data sources can be merged into one and the same document collection.

Which file formats does InfoCodex handle?

MS Word, PDF, PPT, Excel, HTML, XML, plain TXT, RTF, various mail formats, PS, various image file formats (for image files, the text is composed of the full file name and the text that can be extracted from the image file), and any other file format for which an i-filter can be supplied by the user.


26. - 27.09.2016 Keynote at Big Data Analytics and Data Mining, London

14.03.16 WebPlatform Ares4 with InfoCodex presented at CeBIT 2016 Hannover

16.09.15 Presentation at SEMANTICS Vienna 2015 "Scientific Discovery by Machine ..." (Session 1.4)

02.06.2015 Presentation at Swiss Competitive Intelligence

26.02.13 Semantic Tech Turns up Biomarkers

13.02.13 Discovery of Novel Biomarkers (joint paper with Merck & Co)