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Market & Sales Intelligence

The use of the exploding unstructured information - the new oil of the economy - needs not only new technologies, but also market expertise in the communication of new applications and in the assessment of the specific customer benefits.

The strategic partnership between Starcom AG, the Swiss number 1 in the "systematic B2B market development", and the InfoCodex AG unites market expertise and technology for accessing the new market.

Collecting and storing huge amounts of data does not yet bring an economic benefit. "Not the gathering of information, but their analysis is the real bottleneck" (Eric Gujer, NZZ January 25, 2014). The effective exploitation of the rapidly expanding information requires structuring, content analysis and condensation, which can hardly be managed without an automatic "pre-digestion". And exactly this can be offered by the unique semantic technology of InfoCodex.


Kai Schildknecht
Starcom AG
Industriestrasse 9
CH-5432 Neuenhof

Phone +41 56 416 96 00


26. - 27.09.2016 Keynote at Big Data Analytics and Data Mining, London

14.03.16 WebPlatform Ares4 with InfoCodex presented at CeBIT 2016 Hannover

16.09.15 Presentation at SEMANTICS Vienna 2015 "Scientific Discovery by Machine ..." (Session 1.4)

02.06.2015 Presentation at Swiss Competitive Intelligence

26.02.13 Semantic Tech Turns up Biomarkers

13.02.13 Discovery of Novel Biomarkers (joint paper with Merck & Co)