Market Intelligence

Market intelligence - be alert

Recognize market trends and competitive facts

Knowledge is power. And brings a tangible market advantage. Regular monitoring of the market - and your competition - is a crucial success factor, for both regional and global enterprises. InfoCodex gathers such information from selectable on-line sources, including the deep Web, and from specialist databases, providing an up-to-date overview of current market opportunities. Because it happens automatically, it saves time and costs, and it provides invaluable information for effective - and timely - decisions.

Joint information gathering - selective facts extraction

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Knowledge Discovery

Discover novel relationships and facts through systematic analysis of appropriate literature

Job Matching

Matching (HR, Online Ads)

Matching of CVs and job descriptions
Talent Management
Online Ad Placement

Knowledge Management

Enterprise Info Management

Corporate Management of company information
Knowledge Hubs
Secure company know how

Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Market monitoring
Recognize chances and risks
Trend recognition