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What InfoCodex does for you:

The semantic engine

  • Immediate use - no reorganization of existing file archives necessary; no cumbersome training for documentation classification needed; mechanized integration of heterogeneous data sources into common knowledge centers

  • Synonym recognition - key for cross-border searches (using different terms for the same thing) and semantic search technology; true cross-language retrieval

  • Similarity search - key for finding existing knowledge; truly cross-lingual; crucial function in patent research and economic intelligence; key function for the automatic generation of abstracts

  • Auto-classification - self-organizing provision of thematic overviews and content clusters; automatic classification of documents and abstract generation

  • Content-based matching of documents - across different languages


26. - 27.09.2016 Keynote at Big Data Analytics and Data Mining, London

14.03.16 WebPlatform Ares4 with InfoCodex presented at CeBIT 2016 Hannover

16.09.15 Presentation at SEMANTICS Vienna 2015 "Scientific Discovery by Machine ..." (Session 1.4)

02.06.2015 Presentation at Swiss Competitive Intelligence

26.02.13 Semantic Tech Turns up Biomarkers

13.02.13 Discovery of Novel Biomarkers (joint paper with Merck & Co)