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Our Customers - Their Solutions


A wide range of companies, universities, and governmental organizations currently implement InfoCodex. Here is a selection of recent customer solutions.





Six locations across Switzerland

Federal Research Institutes Agroscope

Agroscope formulates and publishes scientific findings and technical principles for agricultural practice, education and consulting. These are accessed by public authorities for policy developments, by scientific organizations, and the general public. Agroscope helps farmers optimize production methods that are environmentally friendly, humane, and market-driven.

The Federal Agricultural Research Institutes Agrosope comprise 6 locations across Switzerland. InfoCodex was the winner of a comprehensive evaluation of 20 knowledge management tools (by order of the Federal Office for IT Strategies) and now ensures access to Agroscope's large knowledge repositories (in different languages and located at different sites) through the following applications:

  • Enterprise search (several million documents)
  • Information research in the public and the "deep" Internet, and trend recognition
  • Human resources planning
  • Matching research projects to government and market requirements








Swiss Association for Standardization

As the Swiss representative organization for global and European standardization efforts (through the ISO and CEN), the Swiss Association for Standardization (SNV) interfaces with various national and international standards networks.

SNV performs key liaison functions between standardization experts and standards users across the SNV areas of activity. The SNV promotes self-regulation, makes flexible and customer-driven use of pre-defined processes, and provides information and support.

The SNV uses InfoCodex in three key areas:

  • Auto-categorization and automatic generation of abstracts - for large amounts of national and international standards to support the sale of these documents
  • Semantic search technology - to help customers find the existing standards for a given technical problem
  • Market intelligence - with SNVworld, an innovative approach to early recognition of new trends in standardization processes and the matching of technical standards with national laws and EU regulations

    InfoCodex - SNV Case study (from page 8 - german and french version only)



wunderloop is the European market leader for integrated targeting technologies and services. Collecting all relevant targeting variants through its unique Integrated Targeting Platform (ITP), wunderloop consolidates user information to analysis online behavior - resulting in the 'wunderloop custom' and 'wunderloop connect' solutions. These solutions offer customers the delivery of the right advertising, content and product offers at the right time.

The cross-lingual content matching of Web pages with wunderloop's taxonomy (content categorization) by InfoCodex provides a perfect example of our on-line advertising solution that finds the right match in real time.






Based in the PACA area of France (Provence Alpes and Côte d'Azur), MedInSoft is a Mediterranean network of about 100 software and high tech companies (supporting SCS and Provence Promotion) that work in partnership with Microsoft to develop applications and solutions.

For the general use by MedinSoft's member companies, an InfoCodex server maintains two large document collections for the following applications:

  • Market Intelligence - to spot market trends and monitoring competitors
  • Tender Monitoring - to recognize public and private tenders in time

The document sources are composed of various Internet searches and of specific web sites, including "deep" web sources not readily accessible to conventional search engines. InfoCodex spider agents and job scheduling capabilities automatically import information and update the document collections.

Each member can define concept filters (e.g. descriptions of its services) that are used to extract documents of particular interest from the collections. This results in each member receiving exactly the needed information and also benefiting from the common efforts in maintaining the general information pool - an optimal exploitation of synergies.


Other prominent customers

listed by market section


ETH Zürich, Innovation management

WSL Institut für Wald, Schnee und Lawinen

ZAG Zentrum für Ausbildung im Gesundheitswesen

University of Malaga, Knowledge Center for Hydrogen Technology

HTW Chur



Swiss RE, Intellectual Property Group

BSI Banco del Gottardo

A. Strasser & Co., Zürich, Asset Management


Public Administration

SOGEI, ICT department of the Italian Ministry for Economy

SFSO Swiss Federal Office for Statistics, Information Section


Hightech Industry

Siemens Building Technologies

Evatec - process systems

ERNI Electronics, Germany



Hemminger Ingenieurbüro

rowa tunneling logistics

Gmür Baumanagement


26. - 27.09.2016 Keynote at Big Data Analytics and Data Mining, London

14.03.16 WebPlatform Ares4 with InfoCodex presented at CeBIT 2016 Hannover

16.09.15 Presentation at SEMANTICS Vienna 2015 "Scientific Discovery by Machine ..." (Session 1.4)

02.06.2015 Presentation at Swiss Competitive Intelligence

26.02.13 Semantic Tech Turns up Biomarkers

13.02.13 Discovery of Novel Biomarkers (joint paper with Merck & Co)